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World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda is also called Shanti Stupa. This Peace Pagoda was built by the Japanese to inspire peace for all races and creeds. You can view the World Peace Pagoda from Fewa Lake at the top of the hill. This place is one of the most popular destinations in Pokhara which is situated at a height of almost 1000 meters. This Peace Pagoda is 115 feet tall, it has two tiers each tier present each statue of the Buddha. And, this Pagoda is full White color. This place is also perfect for short hiking visitors. And it only takes 1 hour to climb up to the top.

To reach World Peace Pagoda if you don’t want for hiking you can also take a taxi or you can ride a bike, scooter. The only reason to visit Peace Pagoda is the most awaited morning sunrise. Along with sunrise, view of Pokhara valley with beautiful clear Fewa Lake. This Peace Pagoda is at the top of the hill so you can clearly view the mesmerizing sunrise. Besides, you can feel the scent of the trees, sounds of the forest which will make your mind fresh and calm.

Along with the sunrise view, you can view the Annapurna mountain range, all surrounding Pokhara valley, clear view of the lake, green hills, and as a whole scene- it is fantastic. You can perfectly click the photography of the mesmerizing sunrise, Mountains, Pokhara city. Moreover, you can also click the forests, clear view of the lake, and the most beautiful Peace Pagoda. People also often visit there for meditation, yoga to make their mind and body fresh and healthy.