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Upper Seti Rafting has become famous in and around Pokhara among tourists and locals alike for a short but thrilling trip. It is  general thing that tourists and travellers are always on the lookout for an adventure to take on or an adrenaline rusher. Rafting is one of the most adventurous group activities people can do which includes paddling through rapid water currents.  According to Viator Travels, in case of Pokhara, there are 3 ideal rivers for rafting, here’s a list of them:

SN Rivers Packages
1. Kaligandaki River 2-3 days
2. Upper Seti River 1 day
3. Upper Marsyangdi River 3 days

The most ideal choice for those who are short of time and are looking for a rafting destination without having to plan an entire trip would be ‘Upper Seti River Rafting’. It is a short half day expedition from Pokhara. The drive to the starting trail of rafting is at a distance of only 30 mins away from most trekking and expedition agencies in Lakeside, Pokhara. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:
Paddle Nepal
Rapid Runner Expeditions
Extreme River Rafting
Cross River Rafting

For Upper Seti Rafting, one run includes 1.5 hours of nonstop class III/IV/V rapids (according to the season), and the clear view of Annapurna Mountain View as well. Moving onto the things that you absolutely have to know before going on this experience,

Best Season for Rafting:

Monsoon refers to unprecedented weather changes like rain, thunderstorm and occasional hailstones as well which can affect your rafting plans. Thus the season right after monsoon when the water level is still high enough is considered the best for Upper Seti rafting. This includes the months between October-June when you can go through class IV and V white water rapids and December-March when you will go through class III rapids.

Cost and other expenses:

The next big factor to consider is ‘Cost’. Most agencies start the package of Seti Rafting itself from $41, approx NCRs 5000. While this may be the package cost, there are many other expenses that may occur as well. Clothes and shoes compatible with the activity are advised to avoid discomfort. While most safety gear are provided by the agencies, one should prepare any external things they might need as well.

Safety measures:

The thought of how dangerous rafting can actually be might’ve popped up in your mind quite a few times. To answer that, although rafting is a very thrilling experience, it isn’t much on the dangerous side of things. As there will be a trained professional who knows their way with kayaks and water will be provided. Essential safety gears like helmets, life jackets, dry tops, wet suits e.t.c are provided as well. The kayaks that are used are all ISO certified as well.

First-Aid and emergency services:

There are first-aid professionals on site in case of any emergencies. Although the chances of getting a serious injury during the Seti Rafting experience is low, even in the case of any unexpected happenings there will be preparations ahead of time to ensure optimum safety.

Extra information regarding any questions you may have are listed below:

You can enjoy rafting even if swimming isn’t one of their skills, as you will be provided with all basic and emergency safety gears required.
If you’re an individual and want to experience rafting then you can register as a solo as well, you will be put in with other groups.
As the experience includes nonstop rapids for about 1.5 hrs, it is advised to sort all activities prior so you can enjoy without any external stress.
You should be clear about cost and other related matters with the agency you choose so as to diminish any confusions.