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Thakali Khana Set

If you are wandering to taste the new flavors and trying out famous authentic Nepali dishes then ‘Thakali Khana Set’ is a perfect choice for you. Besides, Pokhara is famous as it serves traditional Thakali Khana with its authentic taste. So, get ready to taste the authentic and mouth-watery flavor of Thakali Khana here in Pokhara during your visit while you opt for the adventure and exploration.

Generally, Dal-Bhat-Tarkari is eaten throughout Nepal on a daily basis. However, for tasting new flavors Thakali khana is the best option as it serves with the authentic Thakali flavor and spices. The spices are different from the regular ones. Moreover, the Thakali khana Set includes varieties of spices which makes it different and more typical than other cuisines.



The traditional Thakali meal basically involves around ten different edibles that follow traditional Thakali recipes. There is a bowl full of steaming soft rice cooked in a medium amount of water. The following particular steaming rice is right in the middle of the plate. On the side, there are two more bowls. One filled with a soup of black lentils. While the other with delicious meat gravy (i.e. mutton or chicken according to the customer preference).

And that doesn’t make you salivate already. There are some ‘Ghundruk ko achar’, the dehydrated fermented greens which are again basically rehydrated. Furthermore, it will be vigorously plating up with seasoning and oiling.  Moreover, the Thali Set also includes ‘Mula ko achar’ which is a radish pickle that is dried. These are often prepared with mutton also. There are also spicy frying potatoes with spinach and tomato chatni as well. The price is also satisfactory as it offers real flavors of authentic Nepali cuisine.

The taste may differ according to the restaurants as the recipe order they follow might differ with the chefs also. However, the real authentic flavor of the Thali Set is somehow the same as the edibles. Besides, the plating is also the same. This meal serves you the real taste of Thakali spices that will enhance your appreciation of good food. Aside from traveling and adventuring you can enjoy these types of the original flavor of Nepali cuisines during your stay here in Nepal.

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