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   Methlang is among the populars hills in and around Pokhara. It is popular for the view of the entire valley during sunrise as well as sunset. As Pokhara is a valley, it is surrounded by green hills and luxurious views of the himalayas. While the city may be renowned as “The City of Lakes”, the greenery and hills around are no less. The city itself is on the modern side with many hip bars and restaurants along the shore of Phewa lake. With many places within the city to visit and experience, the city promises to keep your hands full.

   However every now and then you may be in need of some peace and quiet and time for yourself. The green hills just above the city can give you just that. There are many hills within reach such as

  A quick trip can lead you to the hills above that have much more to offer. Not only will it calm you, but also rejuvenate you for the days to come.


  Methlang is a village in Nepal and falls in the elevation of 1105 metres from the sea level. It is situated nearby Musurbari. To be specific, Methlang is situated in Pokhara’s western region and falls 4.1 km away from the centre. You may hire a vehicle like a cycle, bike, scooter or even choose to hike to the place, as this is a very easy half-day one. The locals suggest that the best time to visit Methlang is during the sunrise as the clouds, morning sun and the himalayas altogether create the most captivating sight for you. 

What To Expect:

   You may take help from google maps or similar apps or even ask the locals around which will surely be helpful. It is an ideal destination for a short undemanding trek that still has the perks of a breathtaking view at the end. There is also a park nearby where many tea stalls and other snacks may be available as well. You can stop and take pictures while also sipping on some fresh tea. There will not be many visitors if you visit early, but maybe a few residents nearby for whom it may be a regular jogging spot. 

      While sunrise may be the main focus when visiting Methlang, it is just as good for sunsets and overall visits as well. There are many hotels, restaurants and resorts nearby for dining as well as stay-ins. 

   Some of them are listed as follows:

  Some important info:

  -Cost of rentals:

  1. Cycle: 300-350 per hour
  2. Bike/Scooter: 1500-1800 per day
  3. An id is required for the rentals of bike/scooter
  4. Cost may vary according to the models and types

-The weather in Pokhara is unpredictable so if hiking, the weather forecast should be checked beforehand.