Sikles definitely is a place that makes meaning of the phrase saying “Heaven is myth, Sikles is real” true. I would highly recommend this destination Sikles a must visit place for all. Once, you leave towards the east-north from Pokhara valley, your enthusiasm keep boosting more. Talking shortly, the pathway is horrible; much powdery. Honestly, I would say the way is no road rather just a digging through the walls of hills. However, as you see the village way far from the way your terrible journey will turn into pleasing one. Now, imagine yourself how you are going to be when you step on your foot on the land there. You will realize the true face of moderate Nepali hilly regions and inhabitants there.

Sikles is also a large Gurung living village situated in the Madi rural Municipality. Life in Sikles is imbued with Gurung custom. Occupants gladly sport social clothing, men dressed in white bungled Bhangra vests and ladies in beautiful lungi dresses to finish everyday tasks. As in many towns in Nepal, youthful grown-ups are recognizably missing, with more established individuals and little youngsters making up most of the populace. Ladies call from their homes to welcome visitors inside for some tea. It was clear we were welcome guests, and our stay was valued.

Observing the unbeatable nature

Likewise, Sikles trek is a distinctive brief trek into the Annapurna region’s elevated mountains. This fascinating trekking destination is designed for those seeking to see the magnificent view of the mighty range of the Himalayas from Annapurna and other mighty Himalayan over 7000 m. This walk is a notable brief trek and crosses a variety of terrain from lowland villages and rice terraces up to 3,000 meters where in the springs there is the largest Gurung village as well as a rhododendron national flower park.

The village of Sikles is renowned for its well-kept rustic flair and the traditional village of Gurung is few examples. In other words, the streets of the village are narrow and flanked with stone & mud buildings. Furthermore, the town has five traditional quarters, each of which has its own importance in the society. Sikles is an ideal illustration of a viable town with local food and hydroelectricity. The village of Sikles is therefore totally autonomous.

Other charms of Sikles

The short trek isn’t going to be as challenging as the other longer treks that take over a week. Also, Sikles ‘ lovely town has a lot to give to travelers than just a brief walk. Unlike other more long treks in Nepal, the walk to the village of Sikles is calm and brief. During the entire trek you won’t feel tired or restricted. Even after the hike, you will have enough strength to dance in the Gurung songs. Also, the trekkers do not have to fear to get altitude sickness due to the elevation of only 2000 metres.

Entertainment factors

Gurung are known to welcome every guest to their town for their modest and hot welcome. You’ll see lovely Gurung maidens carrying Doko harnessing on their foreheads in your manner. Gurungs have their own clothing in which all their usual daily chores are carried. Wearing Bhangra and Askot, males and females wearing Cholo, Patuki and Kramu.

The culture of Gurung is cheerful. In a year, the community of Gurung organizes several festivals. As the influx of travelers has grown in latest years, the community is organizing singing and dancing activities to show its cultural richness. These events are held in the community room or the Rodhi Ghar, where often happy occurrences take place.