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Pumdikot View Tower is one of the best places in Pokhara in terms of mountain view and view of pokhara valley. Ongoing construction has been started to even better the dome and installation of 50ft high shiva statue is completed with theme parks. Pumdikot View Tower is situated at Pumdi Bhumdi which is right upwards from World Peace Pagoda, which is another famous attraction of Pokhara as well.  

Ongoing Construction

The tower is constructed with the financial support from District Technical Office, Pokhara and Ministry of Peace and Re-Construction. Pumdi-Bhumdi lately is developing as an attraction for tourists.

According to Pumdikot View tower Construction Committee, the tower will be a distinguished landmark of Pokhara. It is also informed that a master plan has been made to develop Pumdi-Bhumdi as a popular tourist destination. The master plan includes the construction of this view tower, trekking trails, conference halls, cottages and roads.

Hiking Routes of Pumdikot View Tower

If one loves hiking and is looking for a short and simple route on Saturdays. The hike can be started from Chhorepatan or at least from Stupa. It takes 45 min from stupa. The last part where there is steep naked hill just below the tower is one of the best on a beautiful day. On your right, Macchapuchre at the top and Phewa lake on the bottom and beautiful hills on your left and also the view of Pokhara. The stoned steps trail is so pure and untouched. It’s so underrated and great because people ride on the motorway now and this last part is untouched and emits pure natural vibes.

What can be Expected

A three-storied view tower is constructed at Pumdi-Bhumdi VDC neighbouring the tourist city of Pokhara. The VDC is at an altitude of 1500 metres from the sea level. The tower is constructed with an investment of Rs 6.4 million. The tower offers the view of Pokhara city, Phewa Lake, Lekhnath, Sarangkot, Pame, World Peace Stupa and some parts of Syangja, Parbat and Tanahun districts. Similarly, Machhapuchre, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri mountains can also be viewed from the tower.