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Pokhara Canyoning is an organization that offers canyoning facilities to interested individuals who want to try adventurous and thrilling canyoning experiences. Pokhara canyoning is situated at Lwang Ghalel Village around 22 km in distance to the northeast from Pokhara city. The company started its operation in the year 2014 which can be regarded as the first canyoning organization introduced near Pokhara. 

Canyoning is a sport that is done outdoors specifically near waterfalls. This is a sport for adventure lovers. Canyoning is a sport that is exciting and thrilling which includes jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream and allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed. 

Adventurous Journey

If you are hoping for an adventure and excitement journey then the organization offers canyoning opportunities and trips from Pokhara to Lwang Ghalel Valley. There is walking to be done to reach the destination and with that journey, many adventurous things can be achieved through that period. It will be an excellent opportunity for adventure lovers to explore unknown territory that they have not been to yet.

Adrenaline Rush

The main feature of Pokhara Canyoning is that of canyoning opportunities and for those individuals who seek adventure and adrenaline rush sports then canyoning is the best match for those adventure-seeking individuals. There are people who want a thriller experience from their trip and canyoning is a suitable choice.

Scenic Views

Without a doubt, there will be scenic views along the way. There are packages in the organization that provides two-way transportation. Within the transportation route, various scenery can be viewed and photographed to remain as a memory.

A holiday Destination

If you are searching for a holiday destination then the organization provides a perfect holiday planner with the facility of canyoning. Canyoning can also be done with family who want to try new things in life. It is best-suited to be done with a crowd than to be done alone. Not to be misunderstood though, it can also be done alone as company staff members will give company to their customer.
Pokhara cannoying

Package Details

Basically, the company provides two options of canyoning which are basic canyoning and advanced canyoning. The basic canyoning package includes descending through 45 meters waterfall through canyon rappelling and advanced canyoning includes descending through 75 meters waterfall. The company generally provides its facilities at Kudi waterfall. 

The organization provides 5 different value packages which are:

Canyoning only The canyoning only package is a basic package. It only provides canyoning and nothing else.
Canyoning Day Trip This package includes canyoning, meals, and two-way transportation from Pokhara.
Full Package The full package is like the deluxe package where it includes canyoning plus 3 meals with 1-night accommodation and two-way transportation from Pokhara.
Overnight Only Overnight facilities where it only includes dinner, breakfast, and accommodation.
Overnight Experience Trip This package provides dinner, breakfast, accommodation, and two-way transportation.

 Best Time to Visit

Everything has a time and place so that when the time comes the experience will be joyful. And an outdoor activity like canyoning is best done at the right time and place as suggested by the professionals. According to the professionals of the Pokhara Canyoning department, the trip is recommended to be done within August to December and February To June.

Pokhara Canyoning Route

Pokhara Canyoning starts its route by departing at 7:00 am from Lakeside, Pokhara. From there, a beautiful 3 hours ride away from Pokhara to Ghalel follows the Seti river and passes through beautiful villages. While traveling from Pokhara to the Canyoning site at Lawng Ghalel village, beautiful views of Mt. Fishtail can be viewed to make the journey special. On the driving route, the green forest can be viewed along with Mardi river which is the main source of irrigation and also the main source of drinking water for Pokhara city. It is a short and sweet breathtaking route that provides the customer with a maximum pleasurable experience.

Preparations before coming for Canyoning

  • It is best suggested to bring flexible clothes fitted under a wetsuit.
  • Sports shoes or hiking shoes are recommended for the walk to the canyon.
  • A towel to wipe the body from the water.
  • It is recommended to bring sunscreen and/or sunscreen lip assurance.
  • Water bottles to stay hydrated.
  • Also, a change of clothes is best suggested for the ride home.