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Pokhara is famous for adventure tourism which is also the best place for adventure lovers. Moreover, paragliding is included as the top adventure in Pokhara. Besides, it has been more than 20 years of experience in paragliding.

In Pokhara, mainly Sarangkot is the best place for paragliding. This place is also the main spot for tourists especially the sunrise view. From Sarangkot, you can view beautiful mountains, green forests, clear lakes, temples, villages, and the view of Pokhara. Besides, paragliding is guided by an expert and experienced pilot, so it is safe to fly as long as you feel safe and enjoy the sites.

Venue for Paragliding

Sarangkot is in height of 1600m, from there you first take off and fly like a bird. Actually, it is a new experience to fly from that high hill, and also it can be your lifetime experience. You will not just fly and enjoy the journey but also you will experience the beautiful Pokhara valley.  Moreover, new thing you can experience in Pokhara paragliding is you can share the same sky with many birds, sightseeing the most famous mountains like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fish Tail), flying through the Fewa Lake you can pass by viewing the shadow of the mountains, forests, white clouds, and many more beautiful things. Instead, you will safely land at lakeside within 30-40 minutes of flying.

Paragliding is on those adventures that make you more excited, new experience, overcome with fear and height. Besides, the best month for paragliding is October to December but you can also fly in another season too.