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Job fills your pocket while adventure fills your soul. All the way heading from Pokhara, indeed those dangerous roads you are taking yourself to real heaven, Mustang. One of the best stations of your adventures strongly numbers Mustang travel on top of your list. Despite your entire thrill, everyone who travels to this place will absolutely have an unforgettable lifetime experience.

People widely symbolize this spot as a hidden Shangri La of the antique Buddhist kingdom of Nepal. Lo Manthang for the Tibetan tongue which was their empire. So, the cultures and practices here denote Tibetan Buddhism. Most residents follow pure Tibet culture and the entire architecture of the village displays Tibetan styles. Much likely to feel like being totally in a different space this area still exposes its natural elements. The residents there restricted every outsider of the country to such a land of gems until 1992.

Ways to reach Mustang

Heading towards Mustang has mainly two options. Either going from a flight to Jomsom or doing the Safari from roadways is all your choice. The actual journey starts from Jomsom, so it really doesn’t matter which way you choose Jomsom. The gateway of the Upper Mustang is Kagbeni which is the start of a restricted area. It will be like a mysterious journey if it’s your first travel to Mustang. The major residents of the Upper Mustang are Thakali. You are going to get a special trekking permit to trek in the restricted spaces.

Firstly, starting the travel from Pokhara you will enjoy a smooth ride up to Beni. Right after the end of the paved road, your journey through unmaintained, bumpy, and off-road will take you on another adventure level all of a sudden. Together with the scenic beauty of ways, the way will lead you gradually to Tatopani, Marpha, Jomsom, Kagbeni, Tangbe, Chhusang, Chaile, Samar, Ghiling, Ghami, Tsarang to Lo Manthang.

Also, as part of Mustang travel, some people like to go through the trekking routes or cycling all the way to the point. They likely prefer to see the beauties on the way to the place which is the real heaven to visit in Nepal.

More about hidden land in Mustang

The isolated land equally signifies its cultural and architectural beauties. Observing the monasteries, Chorten, Mani walls, and whitewashed houses on the way warm up more passion for your journey. The infinite Himalayan ranges have their own charm which never fails to attract numerous visitors. Also, this mysterious land offers outstanding beauties which are explainable. After the pavement of the roadways, this place can earn more local tourists who came for other purposes than trekking. The other factors that hype up this place are:

Muktinath, a Religious Place for Hindu and Buddhists as well

Muktinath’s name explains itself the reason why one must visit there. Mukti is a Nepali term that means the salvation of individuals’ life. To get settled in heaven after death and remove all the bad deeds we do in our lives, residents reach there at least once in their lifetime. This area inhabits mostly Gurungs and Thakali.

Jomsom is about 72 km from Beni while Muktinath is approximately 21 km away. It is a sacred place of salvation for both Hindu and Buddhists. Being a Nepali, we heard about this pilgrimage through many entertaining sources like music, movies, and songs. The belief that we all have for this place has strong intact. Most Hindus believe that bathing in the 108 stone faucets surely gives salvation after death. To Buddhists, Muktinath is a place where the great sage guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) came to meditate.


Kagbeni is one of the junction valleys to Mustang. This place was a major route for trading between Tibet and India. The main trade was of Salt people carry from Tibet with other cereals like Barley, species, and clothes from India. Kagbeni is the shortest trek route to Jomsom and Muktinath.

Holing yet so many mysterious facts and traditions, Mustang is a great place for exploration. This sacred land has its own practices with reasonable values and norms. Furthermore, this myth place with indefinite natural beauty and expensive herbal plants is a great destination for the whole people from the world to make our ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ a great success.