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Mardi Himal Trek Nepal

A hidden gem inside the Annapurna region of Nepal is the Mardi Himal Trek  Nepal of Himalayas. This one is a considerable trek for those who are looking for new yet rugged adventures around Pokhara. Generally, starting from the beautiful road of the valley to find your own path is Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek. The trek to Mardi is shorter than the ABC trek but still, it gives you a nearby soulful view of the Himalayas range, beautiful forest, and astonishing giant hills.

The fame towards the trek is gradually rising day by day. At 3,900 meters above sea level, the Mardi Himal trek offers trekkers something quite incredible like quietness, serenity, magnificent views of the mountains, unusual floras, and fauna. In the Mardi, Trek is only a few paths, where the landscape dramatically transforms into a rough, mountainous environment from magical trees. The view of Mardi Himal, Machapuchchre, Annapurna South, and the Himalayas from where one can have an incredible perspective.

On the other hand, more like a hide and seek game will play the way of your trekking and hiking. It will make up all the pain and pleasure want that you were craving in a vacation. Adventure trails are something like a platform where you meet someone like your adventure desire partner. Just around an hour’s smooth ride from Pokhara, your all other journey is a steep hill walking up. Continuous trekking for three days to the camp will give you all aches over your body. However, over the pains, the astounding Himalayas ranges images already engraved their beauty in your souls. So, there is no chance to look back until you meet the destination.

Best circuits to Mardi Himal Trek

First, you approach Pokhara to start your trek to Mardi. You can catch up the domestic flights to Pokhara from where you are in Nepal. Also, you can travel through buses or other roadways means and book your tour package to Pokhara.

On the other hand, you can stay and enjoy one or two days in Pokhara then start your trekking all the way from the valley to Kande. From there you got to walk for two and a half hours or more to Pitam Deurali. The way goes through the beautiful Rhododendron forests, tiny winding paths up to 3,300 meters above sea level from the forest. You will reach the Camp Forest (2,550 meters), and travel 2-8 hours to Camp Low (2,900 meters) and the Camp High (2,580 meters). Also, you’ll lastly move up to 4,500 meters to Mardi Himal Base Camp for 6-7 hours of a day’s walk through the ancient steppe-constructed villages. This trek takes you through various settlements-paddy fields, beautiful rivers, and pristine topography.

On the other hand, the path can be as follows according to most trekkers’ plans. They are:

1 First Day Valley to Kande, then to Australian Base Camp to Pothana.


2 Second Day Pothana to Pitam Deurali (2100 meters).


3 Third-Day Pitam Deurali to Forest Camp.


4 Fourth Day Forest Camp to High Camp (Base Camp)


5 Fifth Day The way back home starts from High Camp to Low Camp to Forest Camp.


6 Sixth Day Forest Camp to Pitam Deurali to Pothana to Australian Base Camp and finally to Pokhara.


You may have a tough trek if there is a fewer days plan. It is a 6-day complete itinerary. It may vary according to other’s plans.


Pickup Season for Mardi Himal Trek

Scores of people select autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) for Mardi Trek.  Walk through the thick rhododendron forest during the months of March and April. This forest is particularly beautiful and the landscapes are changing as the elevations increase. Similarly, the climate is hot and sunny this year and the Himalayan Ranges can be seen from an excellent perspective. The Monsoon season begins from June to August and rain will influence the path. The winter begins from December to February, with plenty of snow on the floor and it is an additional difficulty.

Else facilities

Although the walkers have to love Mardi Himal for so long there are tiny tea houses and lodges even on the latest days that provide very easy services. Better not to wait for fantastic lodging and food. The price in the tea houses on Mardi Himal is very reasonably priced. The price is very reasonable according to the facilities.

Other enhancements

More things that make Mardi Himal the next destination to many people are the friendly locals that we got to meet there in the Mardi area.  Some of the other enhancements of the trekking include the following:

  • Wonderful panorama view of the Himalayan. It involves Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machapuchchre, Manaslu, and Mardi Himal. This involves Annapurna.
  • The way local ethnic groups live, culturally, traditionally, and hospitably, in particular, Gurung.
  • Exotic floral and faunal diversity on the walking trail, Siding, and Liwang, beautiful distant villages. Along the paths, you’ll see the rhododendron, magnolia, pine, and oak woods.
  • The forests are lush, the green hills are rough.
  • Diversity of nature: greenery, vegetation, and terraced farms along with the Mardi Himal Base Camp, high camp, and camp for the Forest Base.

To sum up, the trek trails of the Mardi Himal is a great spot and can be a huge destination name in the “Visit Nepal 2020”. So, let’s get move together and make this place a highlighting one.