Lwang Ghalel

The numerous Gurung village around Kaski or within the Kaski district never fails in their hospitality. It is like re-creation of homie environment for other trekkers and visitors. And, talking about their warmness for vacationer or any tourists, it is so overwhelming. Among which Lwang, Ghalel and Ghachok is one of the Gurung people village which lies in Kaski district very near from Pokhara at an elevation of 1460m.

Lwang would be definitely best for your escape stay yet so much fun weekend place if you are around Pokhara. Moreover, Lwang is the starting point destination of Mardi Himal Trek as well. Lwang area is under Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) which gives you a giant image of Machhapuchchhre. Lwang is famous for organic Himalayan Tea Farming, 20 km north-west of Pokhara. The main occupations of the village are tourism (home stay), military, over the overseas jobs, the organic tea factory and agriculture. This Gurung Village also is a point of departure of Mardi Himal Trekking path.

Appealing stuff in Lwang Ghalel

In the community based home, Lwang is common, where every household mom collects food and serves tourist. Typical Nepali food is cooked in a home. Gurung Culture and Tradition is a wonderful chance for the tourist. Tourists may remain in the smooth street and adjacent typically small stone ceiling home. The local chicken, the local alcohol (roasted alcohol) the cultural program and the show are offered with the typical Nepalese food of (dal, bhat and organic vegetables). The Pokhara Valley, Organic Tea Farm overlooking Machhapuchhre Himal, makes your home at Lwang exceptional.

Lwang Ghalel canyoning

Undoubtedly, the Ghalel village of Lwang Ghalel boasts its portion of adventure. It’s famous as a location for canyons. Canyoning offers a chance to get down to a waterfall.  On the other hand, a dress to keep the body temperature must be worn.  Likewise, you also need a belt for security procedures. The canyoning program was launched according to Ram Gurung, Director of Pokhara Canyoning, to draw and stretch visitors ‘ stays in Pokhara. “Nepali are more interested in canyoning,” he said. “Anyone is more interested in canyoning and adventure sports are a manner of relieving pressure,” he clarified.

Lwang Ghalel homestay

Similarly, Lwang Homestay village is a wonderful place.  The tiny village and hiking place has emerged as a favorite tourist resort for multiple purposes, including: traditional Nepalese houses built of rocks, home with hot, hospitable people, cozy lodgings, exquisite organic food from the areas and garden, a pleasant atmosphere with a prosperity tea garden, a nice canoeing. Therefore, Lwang Ghalel Homestay has always been a good idea for your holiday in Nepal because it makes you voiceless.