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  There is an abundance of lakes in Pokhara valley. Pokhara is the capital metropolitan city of Gandaki province. It is considered the ‘Tourism Capital’ of Nepal. It consists of unscalable mountains and mirror lakes that are a major tourist magnet as well as the perfect home for natives. The lakes are a major attraction spot for the tourists that visit Pokhara and the locals as well. The lakes support the local businesses like boating, fishing, and lodging, makes for a perfect ambience for restaurants, helps the local ecosystem and even maintains fisheries and irrigation facilities.

    As it sits on the lap of 8 lakes, it is also called the “garden city of 8 lakes.” The 8 lakes are listed as follows:

  • Fewa Lake
  • Begnas Lake
  • Rupa Lake
  • Dipang Lake
  • Gunde Lake
  • Khaste Lake
  • Nyureni Lake
  • Maidi Lake

Among the above listed, all of them are freshwater lakes. Some are big for pisciculture (fish farming) and agriculture, whereas some of them are major spots that visitors can’t miss. 

Fewa Lake

   Fewa lake is situated in the south of Pokhara valley. It is the largest among the lakes in Pokhara city and the second largest in the country, formerly known as ‘Baidam Tal.’ 

   It’s the only lake to have a temple situated in its central part known as ‘Barahi Temple.’ It is famous for the reflection of mountains Machhapuchhre, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. It is situated at an altitude of 742 m and spread over an area of 4.43 sq km. 

   The shore of this lake accounts as one of the most famous tourist spots with an abundance of local and hip restaurants named as “Lakeside“. 

Begnas Lake  

   Begnas lake is situated in Pokhara lekhnath metropolis in the south-east of the valley. It is the second largest among the lakes in Pokhara after Fewa lake and the third largest in the country.

   It is famous for the amazing views of Annapurna and Manaslu mountain ranges. It is situated at an altitude of 650 m and spread over an area covering 3.28 sq km. 

   The areas near the lake are famous tourist spots as they provide a home for a number of resorts. You can enjoy many fresh fish dishes in the resorts. The water from the lake also supports many fisheries and irrigation facilities. 

Rupa Lake

   Rupa lake is situated along the border of Pokhara metropolis and Rupa-Rara municipality. It is the third largest lake in the valley. 

   It is also one of the major tourist spots in Pokhara. It is famous for boating, fisheries and local restaurants and resorts. 

   It is situated at an altitude of 600 m and spread over an area covering 1.35 sq km. 

   It is gaining quite a name among travellers but it is still not as crowded as Fewa lake usually is, so you should visit here if you want to enjoy some calm and maybe even bird watching.

Dipang Lake

   Dipang lake is situated in lekhnath municipality. It is the fourth largest lake in the valley. It is quite known for its abundant amount of wild lotuses and swans.

   It acts as a famous picnic spot among locals as various himalayan ranges as well as green hills are visible from here. Boating is also a famous choice among the visitors here. 

   The place is away from the city and is full of nature. It is en route to some trekking spots as well.

   It is situated at an altitude of 703 m and falls on the smaller end with an area covering 2.4 sq km catchment area, which includes 0.06 sq km of water bodies. 

The lakes are a major asset to the city and help to make the city a better place. So, as a visitor or a local, make sure to keep the integrity of the lake mended.