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7 Lake City-Pokhara

Most people come to visit Pokhara for the beautiful lake. The beauty of the lake in Pokhara is a natural beauty that has natural freshwater. It is also known as the 7 lakes city. Another reason to visit the Lake is it reflects Mt. Machhapuchhre, Annapurna, and other mountains too. And the following are the 7 lakes that visitors can visit.

Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is the second largest lake in Nepal so it is the most popular lake in Pokhara. This lake covers an area of 4.43 km2 which has a maximum depth of 79 ft and the average is 28 ft. In the center of this lake Barahi Temple is located which is also the most religious temple in Pokhara. This place is in the center of beauty where you can view the different clear mountains, Peace Pagoda on the top of the hill, Sarankot hill and surrounded by other green hills. People also enjoy this scenery by boating in the Lake, there are different types of boats you can choose and drive by yourself or you can hire a guide.

7 Lakes City-Pokhara-phewa-lake

Begnas Lake

Another most visited lake in Pokhara is Begnas Lake which is also the third-largest lake in Nepal. This lake covers a 3.28 km2 area with a maximum depth of 33ft and 22 ft. This place is famous for fish as you can catch on your own or you can also buy it. People use some parts of the lake to cased fisheries. Near this lake, many resorts are popular for tourists. Most of the people come to have a taste of this lake fish. All the resorts and restaurants serve different varieties of fish dishes. This place is also very beautiful you can travel on a boat to view the scenery of mountains, forests, feel the cold breeze, and hear the sounds of birds.

7 Lakes City-Pokhara-begnas

Rupa Lake

Rupa Lake also falls under 7 lakes city and the third biggest lake in Pokhara, also the twin of Begnas Lake. This lake covers an area of 1.35 km2 which has a maximum depth of 20ft and an average depth of 10ft. After Begnas this place is the most popular among tourists. This place is also beautiful for boat travelers you can view the nearest green hills, beautiful mountains, different types of birds, and many more natural beauties. Most people visit the lake to have a great view and delicious food with beautiful surroundings. This place is also famous for fish farming and it also distributes the fish all over the Pokhara valley where people can have the delicious taste of the fish from that lake.

Maidi Lake

Maidi Lake is also located in Pokhara, Kaski district. It is the smallest lake in comparison to other lakes of Pokhara. It covers an area of 1.17 hectares. This lake has been getting smaller due to soil erosion which causes the loss in the environment. Even this lake looks like a pond and this lake is a bit farther from the city so most people don’t visit this place. But it has the same beauty as other lakes and has nature around the lake. This lake is best for those who want to hike from the city to the lake and have a relaxing time, enjoying the view of nature. Also, you can go for a picnic with your friends and family cause the place is also more fresh and silent.

Khaste Lake

Khaste Lake is also a beautiful lake in Pokhara, even this lake is not that famous people come to visit the lake. It covers an area of 24.8030 hectares. This area is mostly known as ‘Bird Wetland’ bird watching lake where many different birds can be seen near this lake like yellow bittern, migratory bird species, and so on. This place is also far from the city but it is best to go cycling there and view the lake, forests, birds, lotus and many things.

Dipang Lake

Dipang Lake is also the most beautiful lake which is mostly surrounded by lotus and it has no such particular boundaries. This lake is also decreasing in size every year and it has also very rare fish and plants. But the beauty of this lake is unforgettable and it is worth it to visit every lake because every lake has its own beauty. Even the lake is small and not popular it has the same natural beauty as other lakes. The culture surrounding this place is most beautiful with the lake.

Nyureni Lake

Nyureni Lake is also located in the Kaski district which has very natural and freshwater in the lake. Even people don’t visit this place like other lakes it is also very attractive and beautiful. It is surrounded by green forests, lotus around the lake and also you can find different types of birds and fish there. It is also best for going picnic with your friends and family, you can also go for a one day hike there to visit and view the seen around the lake. People also often visit that lake for fishing. That place is also perfect for fishing where the place is peaceful and silent, also you can feel the freshness around the lake.

To sum up, all these 7 lakes can be found within Pokhara city. The visitors can see all these beautiful lakes and can have a great time here in Pokhara. Combination of these lakes, Pokhara city is known for 7 lakes city.