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   When talking about admired treks from Pokhara, Lake Kapuche is emerging as a popular trekking choice. Kapuche trek is a remote, uncrowded and a less travelled route. The route thread includes Pokhara-Sikles-Hugu-Kapuche lake. It is a 4 day trek that divides the whole route into comfortable sections of trekking and accommodation. 

About Kapuche Lake

   It is the lowest and most accessible glacier lake in Nepal.The lake is situated in Gurung village Sikles of Kaski district in Annapurna region. It lies at an altitude of 2546 m from the sea level. It is at a distance of 2 days walk from Pokhara. There are no other means of transportation except trekking as of now. Between the hills, there are hardly any villages and the population is small scale as well. The lifestyle is quite isolated and proper electricity, network and other goods as well are sparsely available.

Pokhara to Sikles Route

   Although the trek begins from Pokhara at the onset, Sikles acts as the main point of the whole trek. A drive for approx 3.5 hrs is taken to reach Sikles. The first night is recommended to be spent there while preparing for the hefty walking from the day onward. Unlike Kapuche, Sikles is quite equipped and has nice accommodation as well. 

  There are quite a few guest houses, cottages and hotels in Sikles, some of the most popular ones listed as follows:

  1. Namaste Guest House
  2. Annapurna Eco-Village Resort
  3. Hill Top Resort
  4. Hotel Hakoniwa
  5. My Beautiful Cottage and so on.

   To choose from within them, a number of reviews are available online as well. 

Kapuche Lake Trek Itinerary 


   Kapuche Lake trek route includes the drive from Pokhara to Sikles and staying there for the night as mentioned above. 

  1. The following day, trek to Hugu goth- 5 to 6 hrs and spend the night there
  2. 3 hour trek and exploring the lake and back to hugu to spend the night
  3. Trek back to Sikles, and drive back to Pokhara

Food and Accommodation:

    After the trek begins, the only stop is when reached hugu, where basic tea houses and local cottage stays are available. The meals provided are locally available foods which includes dal, bhat, seasonal vegetables and meat. The number of rooms are limited but they provide mats, tents and comfortable bedding and can be shared with a group of people. 


   The average Kapuche lake trek cost can be determined by taking in consideration all individual lodging and fooding expenses. An estimated list is as follows:

  • Overnight staying and fooding at Sikles- Rs 1500/2000 per person
  • Miscellaneous expenses like snacks, campfires, barbeques, raincoats if necessary- Rs 2000
  • Hugu lodging and fooding- Rs 2000 per person
  • Bus fare from Sikles to Pokhara- Rs 300 per person

Things to Consider:

  1. Local guides provided by the guest houses in Sikles are recommended as they know the area best.
  2. There are no shops or resting places from Sikles till you reach Hugu, so packing enough snacks and drinks for the way would be a good idea.
  3. There is no electricity in Hugu so, external charging devices are needed for your appliances
  4. Prepare raincoats as rain is unpredictable and can ruin the fun.
  5. Room bookings and cost discussions done prior to the trek can ease the job

Lastly, don’t forget to have as much fun as possible. Trekkings are an ambitious journey that take a lot of energy but also have the ability to relieve the stress from our daily monotonous lifestyle. Lack of network and internet for a while is not necessarily a bad thing if you look at it in a positive way. Making memories with friends are best done when our phones are put aside. Take pictures, do campfires with your friends, talk to the locals, and maybe even make friends along the way.