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International Mountain Museum is one of the museums of Pokhara, Nepal which displays all the the artifacts and architectures regarding Mountains and ancient history of Nepal. You come to Nepal to see the ancient architecture and the Mountains. So of course Nepal has a Museum displaying information about the Mountains of Nepal and the mountain climbers and equipment used to climb the mountains. There are informative displays in a multi-story museum building.

The International Mountain Museum is a cultural building in Pokhara which is a home to many artifacts. There is a bronze statue of a yak  at the entrance of the museum. Truth be told, this is a very simple museum. But, in the museum, a glimpse of the world-class mountains can be observed.

Inside the Museum

The international mountain museum records documents and exhibits the past and present developments related to mountain and mountaineering around the world. The museum contains three main exhibition halls:

  • Hall of Great Himalayas
  • Hall of Fame
  • Hall of World Mountains.

Inside the museum, there are exhibits on famous peaks, descriptions of famous mountaineers, the culture and lifestyle of mountain people, flora subset and fauna including geology, in an attempt to represent the traditional culture and values of the Nepalese people.

Time Taken to Visit the Museum

It takes at least an hour and a half to visit the whole museum. In the museum, there are beautiful collections of the Asian and non-Asian mountains. Description is done in detail of how the Himalayas evolved and how their photographs were taken. Likewise, a great collection of flora and fauna can also be observed while in the museum.

Things to Observe

A special area about global warming and global warming prevention projects can be seen which is a wonderful idea regarding the current crisis of global warming that is currently happening all over the world. There is also the showcase of beautiful Gurkha land. 

There is also the facility of a restaurant and the scenery of mountains can be detected outside the international mountain museum. While observing inside, there is also a comparison of  Pokhara 50 years ago and Pokhara today than can be found. Every hour in the mini theater will show videos about mountains and Nepal, which is very informative.

Clean, airy, spacious, with plenty of room to view the exhibits at leisure. The information cards are clear and concise. A great deal about mountaineering, particularly in the area can be learnt. Once it is done seeing the museum exhibits, outside scenery can be observed and be amazed by the views of the mountains that are in the background of the Museum.

Similarly, in the International Mountain Museum, there is a showcase of the record of human conquering peaks and can see the tools used by humans in early mountaineering. In the museum, you can learn about the legendary snow leopard. you can feel the production tools of the local people. You can also experience the diversity of the Nepalese ethnic group.

Number of Visits

More than seventy thousand domestic and international tourists visit the International Mountain Museum every year. The International Mountain Museum is certainly an excellent place to learn about the Nepalese culture with reference to the people, the fauna, the geography of the region, and much more. In there, exhibits about wildlife, the history of the Nepalese people, the first ever Everest climber and other major mountain expeditions along with the equipment used during their climbs, which are very interesting and informative can be found.

What can be Learned

From the information gathered in the museum, it can be concluded that a long way has been moved forward in equipment and climbing gear since the early days of climbing in the Himalayas. The museum is well maintained and is in the center of well kept grounds.