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The Gurkha Memorial Museum’s main theme has to do with the history behind the military efforts in Nepal. There are various museum in Pokhara and this museum is different from them as it shows all the military transaction that has ever happened over time in Nepal .

The Nepal Gurkha soldiers are part of the British Military for many years, and it has been reported that the Gurkha soldiers are some of the fiercest fighters in battle. The Gurkha Memorial museum has a collection of all sorts of historic Military items such as guns, rifles, uniforms, the famous Gurkha knives, and many photographs of places where the Gurkha soldiers had served. The museum showcases an interesting history of this military force from the past to the present day. 

A Brief History

Since joining the British Army in 1815, after showing valor in the battlefield against the British, the Gurkhas have enjoyed great connection with Britain and India. The Gurkha Memorial museum itself was alike almost every museum and trust collection, with cabinets of medals, regalia, and factsheets. 

What to View and See

Photos of hundreds of faces, stories and campaign information could be found throughout the large building. There are two former Gurkha soldiers in full uniform welcoming and showing the route to the ticket desk, then the customer is set free to enjoy the words of regimental life, the sounds and read about Victoria Cross winners. A history sheet is handed to enjoy a good couple of hours perusing the displays.

The interior is detailed and well-constructed. The passion of many had created their space to inform, educate and celebrate. Here it can be learned that the name Gurkha comes from the hill of Gorkha, and not from a specific race of people. Better to die than be a coward, is the Gurkha motto. Their history attains to that. Long may they have the welfare and care of those who respect them.

Things to know before going

The Gurkha Memorial museum is divided in 3 floors. The Gurkha Memorial Museum showcases the history of Gurkha regiment. Their uniforms, medals, weapons, and all communication instruments used by them during history. The entry ticket was of Rs. 150 and camera ticket at Rs. 20. Seeing that the place was well maintained and informative, it’s a money well spent. It takes nearly an hour to visit the entire museum if you slowly observe the scenery of the museum.

Records and Awards

The Gurkha Memorial museum has lots of artifacts explaining the role & service records of the Gurkha soldiers from the start until the current day.

There is a lot of contribution done by the Nepalese Gurkha soldiers in the British Army and still the contribution can be found to exist till date. Hundreds of Nepalese youth apply for British army to secure their future and plead their loyalty to the troop of British Army. Through time and time again, Nepalese Gurkha soldier have proved their worth with records and awards of the highest order.

Individual stories of heroism & how so many Gurkha Soldiers received Victoria Crosses were humbling & thought provoking. It is well worth a visit if only to appreciate how much we owe the Gurkhas for their service alongside the British Troops.

What can be Observed

The information is easy to read and not overdone. There are photos and videos, exhibits with explanations and they were clearly labelled. The parking is very limited. The only disappointment was the lack of items as souvenirs. No shop, just a glass cabinet by the entrance. There is not even a stand with special postcards connected with the Gurkhas.

The staff at the Gurkha memorial museum are very friendly and the museum offers far more than it appears from outside. Entrance fee is only 200 Rupees for non-Nepalis and well worth it. There are many exhibits and proper English translations provided to the foreign tourists. Also, it is the best place to buy Gurkha Kukri knives at less than half the price of the ones in Lakeside.