Ghandruk Village Nepal, an ethnic Gurung village set in the shadow of beautiful Annapurna Ranges high above the Modi River represents a magnificent rural lifestyle of Nepali. The dense green forest, splendid mountains and a unique Gurung culture makes every visitant come over frequently. Talking about the direction, this is a large area covering village stationed to the northwest of the Pokhara at 2010 meters. Especially, Ghandruk is favorite for short trek with easy routes and basic facilities. It is generally accessible in a single day within three to four hours of the walk after a short trip from Pokhara.

How Nature Hits In Here

After moving for around 2 hours continuous travel leaving the crowd Pokhara city towards Ghandruk reaches a small bazar area Nayapul. The trekking then starts. After that, heading to the right from Birthati passing Modi River starts the uphill hiking of 5 hours to reach the village.

The steep up trail might be quiet difficult for non-walkers but after you reach there all your leg pain and tiredness will definitely vanish. The famous Gurung village surrounded all-around of mountain ranges and evergreen dense forests. The beauty flashes like mountain wearing a green cloth with a snowy and foggy pearl necklace. It absolutely defines the true beauty of nature. This mesmerizing scenic beauty intensifies you to keep going and exploring the area more and more.

On the other day after you reach Ghandruk, sunrise is the next most happening thing in this place which is so breathtaking. The morning sun rays hit the apex of Annapurna ranges changing the White Mountains to golden. The Machhapuchchhre never fails to show its tranquillity and artistry during the sunrise. All this adorableness of the nature of this village worth the pain of the laborious walk and overpriced expenses.

Other Ghandruk Village Nepal Attractions

Ghandruk represents the authenticity of Gurung community and their lifestyle. Another identity of this village is ‘Stony village’ and ‘Konda’ for the locals. The corridor alley with all stone-paved way is the path that connects the sides of the houses or area. The locals have their own way of showing their culture to the tourists. They allow the visitants to wear their cultural dresses and accessories for the photo-shoot and for rent. The residents show their dance and conduct Dohori as well for the entertainment purpose. Similarly, Nepali local food is another major attraction, especially for tourists.

Because of the lack of good transportation means, it is quite challenging to get stuffs. The only way to get the foods and other kinds of stuff from the nearby marketplace is by Khachhads carry. The highest point of the place locates at just approximately 2000 meters which is why there is a low chance of suffering from altitude sickness. So, Ghandruk is the best destination of the beginners and for short treks. Click Here to know the needed requirements for trekking over Ghandruk Village.

Overall, Ghandruk is a big possibility of tourism attraction destination to highlight in the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’. Not only for the natural aspects but also a good idea for research and exploration. Trekking to Ghandruk is the deep observation of culture and beauty of Nepal. So, Ghandruk heightens earning more visitants.