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Best Place for a homestay, Ghandruk

Ghandruk is undoubtedly a beautiful place for homestay. It is also one of the major entry points to the Annapurna Base Camp. It is within the Annapurna Conservation Area. Therefore, foreigners require a TIMS which is short for Trekkers’ Information Management System and ACAP short for Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit to enter the site. Local residents of Nepal can enter the site at no extra charge to enjoy the view of Ghandruk. 

Ghandruk is a village development committee situated in the Kaski district of Gandaki Province of Nepal. The distance between Pokhara and Ghandruk is approximately 32 kilometers. Ghandruk Village is flooded with both domestic and foreign tourists. The beginning of Dashain marks the beginning of the trekking season along the ABC region. The best time to visit here is in autumn. At this time of the year, it attracts tourists from both home and abroad to create newer episodes, adventures, and memories.

Ghandruk Homestay Package Price

A trip from Pokhara to Ghandruk comes in a package that varies from travel agencies and guides provided by them. Mostly the average cost comes in at a price of Rs 7500 per person. The package includes trekking permits, trekking guides, food, private lodgings, water purification tablets, and transportation facilities.

Ghandruk hotels and Prices

Nearly 300 hotels in the Ghandruk area usually host 70,000 foreign tourists on an average year. The route to ABC via this area is a favorite among trekkers as it offers magnificent views for sightseeing and an adventurous journey to one of the world’s top ten trekking destinations in the world. The price of the hotel varies. There are luxurious hotels as well as simple and cheap hotels to stay which vary from Rs 1000 – Rs 50,000 being luxurious. 

A list of hotels available in Ghandruk is as follows:

  • Gurung Cottage
  • Panorama ViewPoint Lodge
  • Hotel Rodhee and Restaurant
  • Hotel Milan and Restaurant

Things to do in Ghandruk

There are various things that can be done while staying in Ghandruk. Hiking is the best thing to do while in Ghandruk. Most of the people stay here for that purpose. Not only hiking, but Ghandruk also offers air tours, multi-day tours, cultural tours, historical tours, overnight tours, nature and wildlife exploration, and many more. There are no limited boundaries that can be done while staying there but there are rules and responsibilities that every individual must follow so that they can enjoy every last drop of gift that this place has to offer.

Pokhara to Ghandruk Route

The shortest way to reach this place on foot is by taking a bus from Pokhara to Nayapul. From there it will take approximately 4 hours through Modi Khola valley of walking to reach Ghandruk. If that route is not possible, a different route is by bus to Kimche and walking about an hour from there to reach the place. But, there is more than one route that can be taken to reach Ghandruk. Most famous option is by jeep which can be a little costly but with jeep, people can reach directly to Ghandruk without walking a mile. Another route in option, which started from Dhampus and ended in Ghandruk.
ghandruk homestay

Homestay in Ghandruk

Youngbloods nowadays ought to enjoy their youth with their friends by staying the night outside of their home. They are most likely there to have fun, have some drinks and dance, overall to have a great time to relieve stress. Studies show that Ghandruk has now been an attractive tourism spot and the curiosity of people gets the best of them to seek what is so interesting about the place. Few go for that reason and others go just to enjoy the view and have a blast.