• Pumdikot View Tower

    Pumdikot View Tower, Great View of Pokhara

    Pumdikot View Tower is one of the best places in Pokhara in terms of mountain view and view of pokhara valley. Ongoing construction has been started to even better the dome and installation of 50ft high shiva statue is completed with theme parks. Pumdikot View [...]

  • Gurkha Memorial Museum

    The Gurkha Memorial Museum, History of the Brave Gorkhas

    The Gurkha Memorial Museum's main theme has to do with the history behind the military efforts in Nepal. There are various museum in Pokhara and this museum is different from them as it shows all the military transaction that has ever happened over time in [...]

  • methlang

    Methlang, A Captivating Sunrise Viewplace

       Methlang is among the populars hills in and around Pokhara. It is popular for the view of the entire valley during sunrise as well as sunset. As Pokhara is a valley, it is surrounded by green hills and luxurious views of the himalayas. While [...]

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