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Dhampus Trek is a short trek that gives you the whole enjoyable and adventure feeling where you can hike, travel, or camp within a day. Enjoying the beauty of the large Himalayas range, calm Fewa Lake and the lush green forest is already a wonderful joy and happiness you get in Pokhara. So, a trek to Dhampus is a trek for everyone which everyone can access in a day yet enjoy a lot. The area is a habitat of Gurung where once you reach your will to stay lengthens more because of overwhelming hospitality there. Further, the place is such an easy destination from Pokhara to observe nature more deeply.

Dhampus Geo

Situated just 26 kilometers away from Pokhara valley to the north, the trip to Dhampus is one of the delightful, easy, and shortest. After the 30 min ride away from Pokhara when you leave the green forest of the way you will get to see a giant Mt. Machhapuchchhre (6991 meters). Dhampus trek is a multi-optional destination either for a hike, trek, or a short escape to freshen up. There are only a few places so near to Pokhara that you can enjoy within a short journey. Because the area has a moderate climate at low elevation, going to Dhampus is suitable for almost everyone.

Such a charming place is a gateway to one of the once-in-a-lifetime must-do adventurous destinations Annapurna Base Camp and Annapurna Conservation area too.

How did your shorty Dhampus Trek start

After being away for like 15 min from Pokhara valley to Dhampus, you will reach a countryside area called Phedi. Your trek start-up point is actually from here. The pathway then goes tough steeply for around ten minutes, at that point, it winds out of the forested areas, and you end up climbing on a limited way. Bit by bit, you go to a little town called Chandrakot that is encompassed by millet fields and rhododendron forests. Since the trek is of brief term, no compelling reason to rush. Stroll on at a lackadaisical spot, and cool off at whatever point you feel like it underneath the inviting shade of one tree or the other.

You’ll run over tea shops in transit, where you can get light refreshments. The cool and mitigating buttermilk is a decent proposal, just like the succulent guavas. On the off chance that you are trekking in November-December, you will surely meet numerous gatherings out on a cookout in the region. Adds to the merry vibe of your experience trekking on such a normally lovely area.

Himalayas Capture

Eventually, in around three hours or somewhere in the vicinity, you’ll touch base at Dhampus. It’s viewed as a vantage point from where to see the fascinating scope of Himalayan tops seemingly within easy reach. These incorporate Tukuche (6,920 m) and Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), the two nearest crests from here. Seeing the radiant Annapurna run and the huge Machhapuchchhre (6,900 m) is certain to stun your eyes, too. It’s not simply these great pinnacles that enrapture your eyes. But also, the fabulous perspective on the Pokhara valley underneath is similarly magnificent.

All things considered, the Pokhara Dhampus trek is perfect for those on a short visit, as additionally for the not exactly flawlessly fit people, not at all like the more strenuous ones that require heaps of stamina and huge amounts of continuance.

Australian Base Camp

Once you reach the Dhampus area, the best option for camping and night-out is the Australian Base camp. Around 1 hour away from the village you will be at Base Camp. The camp is Dhampus Jungle’s core. There are few lodges that are comfortable. Great Jungle landscape and comparable views from Australian Camp like Poonhill. Such as Annapurna South, Fishtail, Mt Dhaulagiri, and Tukuche peak, Dhampus Peak, Nilgiri and Himchuli are available.

In all its splendor, this walk will offer you an idea of the Himalayas. The colors will continue to change from sunrise to sunset with the most stunning views available. You’re going to walk through thick forests, mountain villages, and hillsides. Moreover, you can enjoy the majestic view of the Himalayas almost all over.

`All the way from Pokhara to Dhampus then to Australian Base Camp. It can be a short yet memorable trek for all. So, with the aim to promote Pokhara and its beautiful surroundings it is one of the important destinations which people might be looking for. It can be a great name to hit up the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ tourism year.